Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer plans, autumn plans

I hope I don’t bore you too much with these planning post, but I find them a good help for myself to structure my sewing. I am terribly behind on my wardrobe project, mainly because I was ill for most of last year and just didn’t have the energy to sew. I’m trying to not mind that, but instead work myself though my accumulated pile. And I am very pleased that I have managed to finish four wardrobe items during May. Now I’m trying to finish the raincoat I have been talking about since last summer.

The five years of my wardrobe project don’t demand the same amount of clothes to be purchased/sewn ever season. The two first years are quite heavy, while the upcoming third year has considerable fewer garments. Also, this isn’t a contest. I’m making these clothes for me, after all.

My summer wardrobe probably has the biggest holes yet, with quite a few clothes that I haven’t even started. There is the raincoat which is almost done as well as a dotted dress with very little left as well.

Brown silk noil dress consisting of jacket, blouse and skirt I have cut out the blouse and I have a true and tried skirt pattern, so I will try to finish those this summer. The jacket, however, may have to wait until next year.

I'm actually making the blouse after the dress pattern, though I have straightened the hem. And I plan to make this particular jacket as well.
Green silk noil blouse I have a fairly simple blouse pattern lined up, so I think I can probably do this one quite quickly.

Artificial silk dress patterned with flowers I have it all cut out, but will probably put this one on hold for now.

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew that I wanted to make this dress. It wasn't until I came home and compared that I realized that it has exactly the same colours!
Sand coloured coat I recently found a lovely corduroy that will make a great summer’s coat and I feel quite exited about it. And I have wanted to make the Claremont coat from Decades of Style for a while. However, I will keep myself in check until the brown skirt and blouse is finished.

I don’t think this is too much, but summer is also in full swing and it is time to look ahead to autumn a bit. Here is what I ought to have finished, but haven’t:

A grey wool shirtwaist dress I have the fabric for it, but I don’t feel much exited about it, so if necessary I will put this one on hold.

Fur coat I really want to make my faux fur coat now! I have the fabric and I have the pattern. Furthermore, the pattern is quite easy, so I hope to start this one by the end of August.

Brown sport suit This should have been made in matching brown gabardine, but will, in reality, be a gabardine skirt (already finished) a pair of brown trousers from Heyday and a dark brown jacket. So, just the jacket left. I am fiddling with the fitting right now.

Grey flannel suit After much humming and hemming I have finally decided to buy this one. I have been ogling this one from Puttin’ On the Ritz since forever, and I plan to order it as soon as I measured myself. It will be in treed and not flannel, but I can live with that.

Strictly speaking this is a late 30's suit, but I like it.
That takes care of year 1 and two. By the way, you do know that you can see the wardrobe list for each and every year on top of the blog? As I finish I update the posts with photos and links to the relevant blog posts, so you get a nice overview over the wardrobe. For obvious reason, Year one and two are the most filled in.

But, as I said, year three is starting now, and this is what my list says I am to get:

Blue wool dress.I know which pattern I want, but I haven’t found the right fabric. I have quite a few dresses, so this one isn’t any priority.

Grey wool blouse. Here is a dilemma as my book says that I am to make this out of the grey shirtwaist dress. You know the one I haven’t started yet. I do need a few separates, though, so I want to make it. I plan to find some suitable grey wool fabric and make a blouse out of another fabric.

Black wool skirt Again a garment made out of a previous one, namely the black wool dress. I have actually made that one, but have hardly ever worn it (and not taken any photos) so I don’t feel prepared to cut into it to make a skirt. But I have other black wool fabrics and a skirt isn’t hard to make.

A black coat I have been mulling over this one, but only just recently it struck me that I have my grandmother Greta’s winter coat from 1939. It is in great shape and it actually fits me, so this one if already finished! Yay me! Or rather, yay grandmother!

So you see that the third year autumn/winter list is quite short. I plan to focus on the fur coat and brown jacket and then the skirt and blouse.


pimpinett said...

Yeah, making a couple of dresses just to cut them up into separates seems like rather a waste, doesn't it? I assume the writer figured that they'd be worn by year 3, or at least feel a bit outdated, but it really sounds odd to me even assuming that you had followed the script, so to speak, and didn't have much of a previous wardrobe. I can't think of many garments I'd be ready to scrap like that after only a couple of years, unless they were a bit unsuccessful to begin with.

Isis said...

pimpinett: I Think so too. Perhaps it was also with the tought of re-newing the garment so people wouldn't Think you had to wear that old rag Another year, ;)

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